Kairi on the Beach.

The Beach is a name given to a location in Dead Fantasy IV, and the place Kairi was teleported to by Rinoa Heartilly at the end of Dead Fantasy II. Having missed bringing Rachel with her, Kairi appeared here alone at the beginning of Dead Fantasy IV. It's possible that the beach is a reference to Destiny Islands; Kairi's seaside home in Kingdom Hearts.


This white sand beach is next to the ruins of a city. It's quite flat, and bears off-white flags on black poles at top of the slope. There is a simple dark wood pier build over the blue sea and, for some reason, a crushed, damaged car with no wheels and broken doors. At the time of Kairi's arrival, the sky was full of dark storm clouds.


Dead Fantasy IVEdit

At the beginning of Dead Fantasy, Kairi awakens on the beach after being teleported there by Rinoa. After looking around, and finding a Feather stuck in the sand, she turns away from the sea and heads off towards the city ruins.


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