Kasumi and Yuna in the field during Dead Fantasy IV.

The Field is a name given to a location that appears in Dead Fantasy IV, and is the area in which Yuna, Kasumi and a troop of Kasumi Alpha clones battle. This location is very similar in appearence to another field that appears in Final Fantasy VIII.


This seemingly-endless field was initially covered lush green grass, blooming flowers with bright blue skies. However, after Yuna changed her Dressphere, the plants died off, becoming dry and gray in color, and the sky became gray with clouds. There is also a road that runs through the field, leading towards a modern-looking city.


The field appears for the most of Dead Fantasy IV as the location for the fight between Kasumi and Yuna. Shortly into the fight, a gang of Kasumi clones appeared and attacked them, until Cloud Strife appeared and Kasumi had the chance to teleport herself and the clones to a another location. Shortly after, Yuna went with Cloud away from the field.


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