Yuna gunfiring

Yuna as a Gunner in Dead Fantasy II.

Gunner is a recurring job class in the Final Fantasy series. As the name suggests, people in this class use firearms as their primary weapon of choice.

In Dead Fantasy, Gunner is Yuna and Vincent Valentine's main job class.


Gunners are a relatively new addition to Final Fantasy - Guns first appeared in use by the party members in Final Fantasy VII, and were not made a formal Job class until Final Fantasy X-2.

Gunners specialize in hitting opponents from afar, usually disabling them. Another popular Gunner ability is shooting magic out of their guns, causing elemental damage. Also, Gunners have very high Accuracy, rarely missing their targets. The downside is that Gunners do not deal as much damage as other Jobs, since guns do not usually rely much on the Gunner's actual Attack stats.

Gunners in Dead FantasyEdit


For most of the series, Yuna has been using the Gunner Dressphere - her default Dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2 - which gives her quick speed and allows her to attack with long-range with the Tiny Bee twin pistols. Her gunshots are not very powerful, until she has the chance to power-up a long-range attack, but she can't do this often because her rivals on Team Dead or Alive focus on close combat and normally get too close up for her to attack them properly. However, she is able to use Tiny Bee to guard herself from swords by using the body of the guns to block attacks.

While Gunner is Yuna's main job class, she also performed as a Summoner in Dead Fantasy IV, but only briefly.

Vincent ValentineEdit

In Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, Vincent has always been a Gunner, using handguns as his main weapon of choice; the type of handgun he uses has differed over time. Althought he has yet to fight in Dead Fantasy, it's believed that he will be similar to his Final Fantasy self.

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