All of the character in Dead Fantasy are either human or humanoid creatures.

Humans are a recurring race in Dead or Alive, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Ninja Gaiden. Based almost entirely on the real-world species, the humans that appear in these series are usually the most numerous and politically dominant sentient species. All of the main protagonists in the series are usually humans, or near-human creatures.

The cast of Dead Fantasy are mostly make up from human characters.

Humans in Dead FantasyEdit

The following is a list of all the characters that are fully human:

Near-humans in Dead FantasyEdit

Yuna is half-human, half-Al Bhed hybrid. The Al Bhed are a very simular to humans, but are noted to have green eyes with unique swirled pupils, to have very emotional, sometimes eccentric personalities, and have their own language. Yuna does not have swirled pupils due to her human genes, but does have heterochromia which makes one of her green and the other blue.

Rachel is still technically human, but she possesses Fiend blood, which gives her strenght and magical abilities which are more powerful then most humans, all the while slowly turning her into a Fiend, a monsterous demon-like creature.

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