There have been quite a few previews of upcoming episodes, including an unfinished episode. Although Monty Oum has recently informed fans that he may work on dead fantasy in the furture but has no time at the present moment.

Three new characters have been introduced: Namine, Vincent, and Denzel.


Main Episodes

Dead Fantasy VI: Ayane and Rikku will be battle in the underground cave with water pipes all around and according to the two trailers both are seen clashing with their weapons as both manage to make a final blow with each other with their weapons. In a another short preview however, Rikku is seen using her special Dressphere, the Machina Maw against Ayane and her Machina Maw in his gigantic state and Ayane is now seen fighting Rikku using Fuma Kodachi instead of Tokkosho for an unknown reasons and uses it to negate most of Rikku's dresspheres. Tifa will awakened in a white room covered in a silk sheet knowing of her survival of her fight against Hayate and his ninjas (while being held captive in DOATEC headquarters). As she looks towards the side her eyes light up.

Dead Fantasy VII: Unknown, Cloud and Denzel's future scene may happen in this episode. But in this episode will be a battle between Rinoa and Rachel and according to both of her screenshots and she was responsible to chained Rachel to become a fiend, Rinoa is later seen fighting against fighter jets coming from DOATEC.

Dead Fantasy VIII: A preview episode involves the fight between Kairi as her Nobody, Namine, Momiji, Vincent Valentine and Ryu Hayabusa.

Small Clips

  • Cloud appears with a much older looking Denzel speaking the same disscustion from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. Denzel appears to be holding a bag on his back.
  • Hitomi reappears in a new updated design doing stretches.
  • Namine dances (likely this is made for one of the Dead Fantasy music videos).
  • Rinoa Has a more updated look show in the 'Transient Princess'


Dead Fantasy preview
Dead Fantasy VI by Monty Oum 720p HD03:34

Dead Fantasy VI by Monty Oum 720p HD


Transient Princess by montyoum



  • Namine's and Rinoa's design has been changed a number of times until the form shown in the current preview and Promotion artwork.
  • Many people believe the Promotional artwork "Innocent Sin" is a preview although Monty Oum has stated that is was just for the days cellabration (released on Valentimes day).

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