Dead Fantasy Yuna

The Tiny Bee is the gun used as Yuna's twin pistols in while in her Gunner Dressphere.
Used as the default weapon for the Gunner Dressphere, the weapon is also used by the other girls, Rikku and Paine, when they wear the Dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2.

Insight into the Tiny BeeEdit

The default and icon weapon for the Gunner Dressphere in Final Fantasy X-2, the Tiny Bee pistols fire conventional and mystical ammunition at enemies. However, in conjunction with the Dressphere's abilities, they are capable of firing automatic and enchanted shots as well.

In the game, the weapons fire automatically during an attack, except for during the skill Trigger Happy, in which the player can inflict multiple hits of physical damage upon a target by rapidly pressing R1 for duration of 1.8 seconds. The skill can be upgraded to continue for a duration of 2.2 and 2.6 seconds.
In the Gunner's Gauntlet mini-game, the pistols are shown to have a six-shot magazine.

As Yuna's iconic Final Fantasy X-2 weapon, the non-specific appearance of the pistols are directly related with the appearance of Yuna in her Final Fantasy X-2 attire in other games, like Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special as well as in Dead Fantasy.



  • In Dead Fantasy II, Yuna uses the Tiny Bee pistols to perform Dante's Rainstorm from Devil May Cry.
  • Yuna's Tiny Bee Gun Controller is a piece of merchandise for Final Fantasy X-2. Despite appearances, it is not, in any way, a light gun. It functions as a normal PlayStation 2 DualShock 2 controller but fashioned into a gun-like shape. Players use the left gun to control the left side of the controller and the right gun to control the right side. Pulling the triggers cause Yuna to fire her Gunner guns at the enemies in battle. The Controller was released only in Japan on March 13th, 2003.
  • Yuna's Play Arts Action Figure for Final Fantasy X-2 comes with the Tiny Bee pistols.

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