Wang Laoh
Full Name {{{full}}}
Affiliation Himself
Debuts Dead Fantasy
Age 25 (at least in his official profile, could actually be older than he looks)
Nationality Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown
Weapons Claws, Legs
Main Rival Daigo
Wang Laoh is the main antagonist of Dead Fantasy, and an original character created by GokaiWhite, to be introduced in a future Dead Fantasy installment.

Role in Dead Fantasy

Wang Laoh started what would come to be known as the Dead Fantasy incident to make Team Final Fantasy and Team Dead or Alive fight each other, and also as a judging basis to mate with the strongest surviving female fighter, regardless what team she is on, and produce a line of powerful fighters to help him take over the world. His motivation for world domination is linked to a past "betrayal" of his daughter and/or wife, the finer details of which are a mystery to all but himself.


Wang Laoh's physical appearance is what GokaiWhite calls a mashup of Sydney Losstarot from Vagrant Story and Raziel's vampire form from the Legacy of Kain series. He has light skin, dark yellow eyes, black lips, and short black hair worn in a pony tail fashion. He only wears the lower part of a suit of armor (made of an unidentified metal he claims to be light as cloth, but stronger than steel) and gauntlets (the fingertips of which can retract razor sharp claws) extending to his biceps, exposing the remaining majority of his upper body.


Laoh is a vindictive chauvinist who believes all women must obey men no matter what, even going as far, one time, as to cite Eve's role in the "Fall of Man" as justification for his misogynistic beliefs. He is also cold, cunning, calculating, and vicious and derisive in battle. Daigo has also described Laoh, at one ponit, as a slave to his self-righteous indignation, as he almost always prefers to satisfy his "moral" outrage the first opportunity he gets at any cost, even if it compromises his ultimate scheme in some way.

Fighting Capacity

To be added...



BREA is Laoh's loyal mistress and primary source of sexual pleasure.


Daigo firmly disagrees with Wang Laoh's belief that all women must be slaves to the masculine, no matter what justifiable reason Laoh's mind is capable of conceiving, and vows to stop him no matter what.


Coming soon...


  • Laoh's original working name from late voice actor Kaneto Shiozawa, and shares characteristics with some characters who were voiced by him.
    • Rei (Hokuto no Ken): Some aspects of Laoh's fighting style are strikingly similar to Rei's Nanto Suicho Ken style.
      • Speaking of Hokuto no Ken, his given name is an alternate transliteration of Raoh .
    • Grey Fox (Metal Gear Solid): The sadomachosistic personality shown in his second encounter with Solid Snake, as a Cyborg Ninja.
    • Vega (a.k.a. Balrog in Japan(Street Fighter)): Handsome appearance, narcissistic and sadistic personality traits.
  • The age listed on his profile is the same number of years Shiozawa was active as a voice actor before his untimely death.
  • GokaiWhite also describes him as an evil version of Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat.

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